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Signature Cells Process: High-potency cells for more effective treatment.

“This has changed my life, literally turning the clock back at least 10 years.”

Jim Stewart was only in his 30s when he began suffering from back pain, caused by a degenerative disorder in one of the discs in his spine that caused more pain as his condition grew worse over the years. And as the father of a young family, increasing pain made it difficult for him to enjoy time with his wife, Marvella, and his children.

Before receiving cell therapy at BioXcellerator’s state-of-the-art clinic in Colombia, Jim says compression in one of his discs as he slept each night caused severe pain for at least two hours after waking up each morning.  

But the very first morning after treatment Jim’s pain was gone.

Treated for chronic lumbar pain (degenerative disc disease) and health optimization

“I woke up and after standing up, said to myself, ‘wait a minute what just happened? I don’t feel any pain,’” Jim recalls. “I was so ecstatic and excited that I literally started jumping up and down!”

Normally, discs between each bone in the spine cushion those bones so they don’t rub against each other, but the onset of degenerative disc disease interferes with that function, causing pain and poor range of motion in the arms, legs, and neck.

“I basically had no tissue left in my L5 S1 disc,” Jim says. “I had surgery to treat a nerve, but that didn’t help. Another option was surgery to fuse my spine – but I’m too young for that. So I decided to try cell therapy and this really changed my life!”

Regenerating disc tissue for quick and ongoing relief from pain

According to BioXcellerator Chief Medical Officer Dr. Karolynn Halpert, stem cell therapy helps patients like Jim because this type of treatment – backed by 20 years of clinically based research – takes advantage of the body’s natural repair processes to regenerate vital tissue and restore normal disc shape and function.

“During Jim’s first treatment, we injected cells directly into the affected disc along with BioXgel to give the disc immediate structure while the stem cells began to regenerate new tissue,” she says.  
“After 10 months, an MRI test showed that the severe inflammation that had surrounded that disc was nearly gone and that the disc had been rehydrated to restore normal function and reduce pain,” she adds.

BioXcellerator’s proprietary treatment protocol is based on a specific type of cell --  mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) from Wharton’s Jelly extracted from donated umbilical cords. Cells are tested for specific biological properties that indicate high potency and only those cells are  cultured and expanded into infusions of millions of cells.

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Taking it to another level – getting to 100%

Jim explains that after many years of suffering from severe back pain, his was more than satisfied with results of his cell therapy. But many patients experience even more improvement and health benefits with additional treatment on an ongoing basis. That’s why Jim returned to BioXcellerator, explaining that “I wanted to take it to another level.”

“I’m at 100% now,” Jim says. “I’m 50 years old now, but I feel like I’m only 38 or 40. It feels great! Now I can play with my kids without pain.” 

Jim’s wife, Marvella, certainly noticed a big improvement.

“I can remember days when Jim couldn’t even get out of bed because he was in sheer agony,” she recalls. “Now he can work out again. He’s now so full life, so full of energy.”

And now Marvella has her own personal experience that demonstrates the exceptional healing potential of cell therapy.

Injured in a car accident, Marvella had suffered a serious brain injury that left her with poor cognitive function and severe chronic pain. Treatment for those injuries in the U.S. did not offer much improvement, but she learned that cells can help promote healing of brain injuries and alleviate chronic pain in the same way they can help heal disc tissues in the spine.  

“After seeing the benefits it gave my husband, I decided to try cell therapy on our next visit to the clinic,” she explains. “I was so desperate to get back to myself because we have a young family to care for.” 

Marvella reports that she’s now close to “zero pain.” And now both Jim and Marvella have first-hand experience of how cells offer a minimally invasive and natural approach to healing from injuries and enjoying life free from pain.

Read more about Marvella’s treatment here.

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